Our Goal

    Our company's goal is to provide truth, positivity, balance, and the highest quality products to those we service. 

    We will always supply our customers with the highest quality ingredients available for a fair price whilst vowing to educate consumers and retailers about CBD oil products in general and how our bodies utilize them. 

We greatly appreciate your support and are here to help make your life more Harmonious!

Our Company's History


    Harmonious CBD began selling CBD oil products in early 2018. However the founder had been selling CBD oil many months before that and decided to start up his own company after seeing how incredibly effective CBD oil was on helping people's health.

    After months of researching other products and talking with countless manufacturers of CBD oil he found a local manufacturer of CBD oil (and his family) in Colorado that have the same morals, ethics, vision and integrity as himself. Thus the team was formed.

    He then gathered up a few other incredible team members who are just as passionate as himself about CBD and helping people get and stay healthy. That is who we are today and will always be, a team full of passionate, honest and moral, caring people who's goal is to help others in whatever way we can.   

About our products

    Our all natural and organic non GMO hemp products start from the ground up at a local farm in Colorado where our organic hemp is grown.

    We then gently extract our CBD oil from those hemp plants in a controlled certified lab using a CO2 extraction process which is known to be the most natural and effective, non solvent extraction process to date. 

    After that we bottle our CBD oil with organic coconut MCT oil and all natural flavor extracts to then be shipped directly to you.

    Our products are always third party lab tested for potency and efficacy (see our products lab test results next to the individual product pictures). That way we can guarantee you that your final product is made from 100% natural and organic non GMO ingredients that are extremely beneficial to your health and lifestyle.

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